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Work Conditioning and Hardening

Are you done with Physical Therapy for your worker’s comp but still don’t feel ready to return to work?

You may qualify for work conditioning or work hardening therapy so you can return to your job completely safe, confident, and capable.

Let our Physical Therapists take the extra time to help you prepare for the unique challenges of your job.

When an injury forces you to miss work, standard Physical Therapy often isn’t enough, especially if your job requires more than the average office worker. Your injury may be better, but that may not mean you are fully healed or ready to handle the extra stress your job places on you. You can’t afford to return when you’re not 100% confident in your body and skills. Going back too soon may result in another injury or poor performance, which could threaten your career.

Don’t let that happen to you. Make sure you are fully prepared with the necessary strength and skills before you get back on the job site. A work conditioning program will help you finish the healing process and get your body in top shape for work. A work hardening program will evaluate and train the skills needed to do your specific job safely and effectively.

Return to work on your own terms and put yourself in a position to succeed on the job. Our professional physical therapists at Progressive Edge Physical Therapy are ready to help.

Work Conditioning and Work Hardening are perfect for:

What does Work Conditioning include?

Work conditioning begins with a complete evaluation of your body and needs. Our professional Physical Therapists take the time to understand your unique situation, injury, job requirements, and goals.

Based on your situation and needs, we develop a custom plan to get your body feeling better and performing in all the ways needed to return to work and meet your goals. Times and progress vary, but programs typically last between 4-8 weeks.

When you are done with work conditioning, you can be confident in your ability to handle the physical stress of your job. You may even feel stronger and more capable than you were before your injury.

How does Work Hardening Work?

Work hardening begins with a full evaluation that focuses on your ability to do the specific tasks required by your job. Our professional Physical Therapists get to know you and your work so they can best equip you to do everything you need to do safely, confidently, and capably.

Next, we develop a custom training plan that uses real work conditions, equipment, and tasks. Over the course of up to 8 weeks, you can practice and strengthen the skills necessary to work effectively, whether it is lifting, climbing, walking, sitting, using tools, or more specialized tasks.

Don’t wonder whether you can do the job again; be sure of it. Our work hardening program will give you full confidence to return to your work safely and productive.

Who pays for Work Conditioning and Hardening?

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