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Sports Physical Therapy In Union, NJ

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We Help People Overcome Aches & Pain With Physical Therapies So They Can Return To The Activities They Love

Are sports injuries and pain keeping you from returning to the game and living your best life? Find effective and lasting healing with sports physical therapy in Union, NJ. 

Here at Progressive Edge Physical Therapy, we help people like you overcome aches and pain with physical therapies so you can quickly return to the activities you love.

The road to recovery starts here.

Start The Healing Process

We know how difficult it is to feel like you’re not at your best. We’ve helped many athletes like you before, and you are not alone!

No matter how long you’ve been dealing with aches and pains, or what treatments you’ve tried, there is always a way to get back to the activities that bring you joy. It doesn’t have to be a long and complicated process to get better. There are natural solutions that can get you back to playing the sports you love without having to “push through”.

Regular sports physical therapy sessions with highly trained therapists are the key to returning to your returning to a happy and active lifestyle.

At Progressive Edge Physical Therapy, our compassionate and experienced therapists are ready to help you overcome this minor setback. We will identify the true source of your pain and create a personalized therapy plan to ensure you start your healing journey on the right foot.

We know that your goal is to get back to the same level of performance or better.
We will make sure you can return to the game with full confidence and with less pain.

The Benefits Of Sports Physical Therapy

Whether you’re into swimming, basketball, skiing, gymnastics, or another sport, the physical demand of the sport on your body makes you highly prone to injuries. One of the most effective ways to prevent and treat sports injuries is through physical therapy.

Sports physical therapy or sports physiotherapy isn’t new. It has been around for years and has helped countless athletes regain their full power and continue playing sports.

Here are the top benefits of sports therapy:

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1. Instantaneously Relieve Pain

Sports physical therapy sessions after aggressive sports like football or a particularly grueling training session can provide immediate pain relief for players. Sports massage therapy offers the following benefits:

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2. Aid Recovery from Athletic Injuries

A personalized plan created by an experienced sports therapist can be what guarantees a speedy recovery from athletic injuries. 

Sports physical therapy is also a great alternative to invasive treatments. If surgery is necessary, physical therapy and rehabilitation are vital in helping athletes return to full form and power.

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3. Prevent Sports Injuries

Sports therapy does not only aid in recovery, it can also help prevent injuries in the first place. Sports massages can help reduce strains, cramps, and muscle tension, which can raise the risk of sports accidents. A professional sports physiotherapist can also assess and advise you regarding your body’s limitations and strength and create a custom training program to prevent overworking your body.

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4. Cool Down and Relaxation

Cooling down is just as important as warming up before a training session or sports game. Sports massage therapy is an ideal way to help your body relax and unwind after a demanding physical activity.

It helps the athletes with the following:

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5. Improve Balance and Coordination

Sports physical therapy in Union, NJ is beneficial for improving balance and reducing the risk of falling after sustaining leg or hip injuries. There are exercises that a qualified sports physical therapist can prescribe to help improve coordination. 

Custom exercise plans may also help reduce the severity of vertigo or dizziness, which contributes to balance difficulties.

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6. Enhance Range of Motion

Regular sports physical therapy helps stretch our muscles. One of the main benefits of regular stretching is that it can improve our range of motion. This not only minimizes stress on our muscles but also improves overall athletic performance.

Stretching and sports massages are necessary for athletes to recover their previous strength, mobility, and flexibility after sustaining injuries.

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7. Improve Cardiac Fitness

Customized exercises or sports therapy programs that incorporate cardio workouts contribute to better cardiovascular health. Strength training and aerobic exercises boost your endurance and breathing patterns.

Are You Looking for Sports Physical Therapy in Union?

Sports therapy is an effective method to aid healing, manage pain and injuries, and avoid greater damage due to sports to our bodies. It can help boost our recovery speed, too.

In the hands of a professional sports physical therapist, you can regain your body’s previous level of functioning and improve your overall well-being.

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