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Rochelle P: Achieved relief from chronic back pain.

I came across Progressive Edge Physical Therapy via google in November of 2018, and I am so happy that I did!!!! To be honest, I do not know where to begin. This facility is a family owned business and my provider is Dr. Andrew DPT, PT. The level of care that I am receiving from him is PHENOMENAL… If you are seeking professional, quality care, I highly recommend Dr. Andrew, DPT. It will be worth it. Your body will thank you.

review stars testimonials

Aline D: Overcame shoulder pain from accident.

Dr. Andrew DPT, PT is an amazing PT , I came to Progressive Edge PT with shoulder pain due to a car accident back in November. He is knowledgeable, personable, & empathetic to all of my aches and pains which was very important to me. The office and equipment is clean and orderly and the office staff is friendly… they are professional, and flexible with scheduling. Since coming here my shoulder has gotten so much better, once I’m fully recovered I’m going to miss this place.
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Steve C: Overcame achilles injury & leg pain.

I started going to Dr. Andrew three weeks after my Achilles repair surgery. From the first day he made me feel very welcomed, and informed me of what to expect from my physical therapy sessions with him . I am currently on my fourth week of physical therapy and I feel great! My scar is healing well and I am no longer using crutches to get around. When I leave Dr. Andrew’s office I always feel optimistic about my recovery progress and future! THANKS PROGRESSIVE EDGE !!
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Chris P: Overcame back pain and injury.

Had bad back pain due to work / workout related injury for 6+months. Went to a chiropractor and it minimized the issue but didn’t fix it. Dr. Andrew did an assessment, started treatment. Got better eachtime with really helpful indepth knowledge on all my questions. Can’t thank him enough for his treatments. Glad to be able to go to the gym again.
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Matthew S: Overcame back pain.

Andrew is a great physical therapist to go to. He is patient and will work with your throughout your therapy. Even though other people will be having their sessions it always feels like a one on one. I came in with back pain and left feeling great after my sessions were over. I have returned back to my normal life style thanks to Andrew!
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Melissa L. Overcame wrist issues.

Dr. Andrew is truly an amazing physical therapist! Came to him with wrist issues and tendinitis that started rapidly improving even after our first few sessions. He also helped me address and improve chronic shoulder issues that other doctors had never addressed correctly. Dr. Andrew really cares about his patients and their well-being, I’m glad I found him and will definitely go back if I ever have any other issues.

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Chris J: Overcame neck pain.

Dr. Andrew Iuzzilino is one of the best therapist I know and I have been to several therapists and PT facilities over the past years. He is very competent, respectful, warm and has all the qualities a great doctor should have. He is a great listener and and his attitude towards me is of kindness and respect. During my visits, I noticed he displays the same warmth and attention to each of his patient. I am very fortunate to have found a therapist in whom I have total confidence .
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Jennifer H: Overcame neck pain.

I go for Physical Therapy with Andrew. He is informative and up to date with techniques that are effective and helpful. Would highly recommend Andrew as a physical therapist.
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Liz M: Overcame neck pain.

I’m so happy I found this place so close to home, staff is very friendly and my physical therapist Andrew is the best. I recommend it to everybody.
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Joaquin C: Overcame ankle pain.

Dr. Andrew is amazing. He has done for me in a month what no other physicial therapy could do with the way he treated my injury and helped heal and streghnten it. When looking for physical therapy I would look no further then progressive therapy in union.
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Kaitlyn U: Overcame shoulder injury.

Dr. Andrew is kind, patient, and knowledgeable. I enjoy every session and he has really been helping with my shoulder injury. I highly recommend Progressive Edge!
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Stephanie B: Overcame shoulder pain.

Best Physical therapy there is. I’ve been to many physical therapy places and this was the place to help me with my shoulder pain.
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Carmine P: Overcame knee pain & stiffness.

Amazing! When I first got there I could barely walk up and down the stairs without my knee locking up. With Andrews advice and techniques, now I’m able to go up and down a lot better. Andrew has a ton of patience with his clients. I would recommend him to anyone!!
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Irina V: Overcame knee pain & injury.

Great Physical therapist, approachable and knowledgeable in his field. Helped me to recover from a knee injury with therapy and exercises. Would definitely recommend his services for any injury.
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Kim M: Overcame knee pain.

I found Dr. Andrew through highly rated reviews and I’m glad I tried Progressive Edge Physical Therapy out! He is kind-hearted, intelligent, patient, honest and has a great sense of humor, which keeps all the patients in high spirits!! I’ve never done PT before but Dr. Andrew has made it a great experience thus far, which for me is important because first impressions always makes a lasting impression! Definitely try him out and you won’t regret it! Keep up the excellent work!!
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Emily C: Overcame low bak pain.

I came to Dr. Andrew’s clinic with an on & off lower back pain that I cannot even climb the front porch of his office because of the pain on my lower back. I was greeted with warm smiles from the staff & his assistants and ushered me to a room. I felt at ease immediately and when Dr. Andrew made a good assessment of my condition, he worked on my hips initially, aligned it, and worked also on my legs. The exercises he instructed me to do while in his office did wonders when I went home to bed that night.I was able to sleep well without constantly turning to find a less painful position on my bed. And that was only my first visit.
I highly recommend Dr. Andrew for his thorough assessment and letting me understand my condition. He is well mannered & polite that makes his patient easily feel at ease and trust his treatment.
His clinic is well organized and clean. And his staff are all friendly with pleasing personalities.

review stars testimonials

Rui R: Overcame shoulder pain & injury.

Dr. Andrew and staff are the most pleasant and welcoming people, they make you feel at home from the minute you walk in. I came to Dr. Andrew because of shoulder pain, I was worried I might have serverly hurt something. I came in one day, the doc did some test, pin pointed my injury and started to work on it right away. A month later i feel so much better, things that used to be heavy to lift have become so much lighter and easier. Its crazy how an inflamed muscle can have such an effect on your ability to do things but with the right treatment everything got better.

The best quality of Progressive Edge comes from Dr. Andrew’s ability to explain the issue plan a path of rehabilitation and put your body back to feeling great again. Also we cant forget the simple fact that going to Progressive Edge is just a good time, Dr. Andrew and staff love to get to know their patients and make you feel at ease by just being able to conversate about common issues and reality. I can say I am truly happy i came across Progressive Edge Physical Therapy.

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Reina O: Overcame left arm pain.

I came to Dr Andrew’s office after a year of barely being able to move my left arm. I had constant, intense pain which made it almost impossible for me to be able to even lift a coffee mug. I had tried and been traumatized by other PT places so I was not really sure what to expect but I’m really glad I came.

Upon my first visit I noticed I had made the right decision. Dr Andrew not only actually took the time to evaluate me but he also provided me with exercises and manual therapy that helped me. I am now able to hold not only a coffee mug but also carry my grand daughter which I could only hope to do before.

So happy I didn’t let the fact that I couldn’t speak English well deter me from coming because his staff is amazing and helps translate for you. Thank you Dr. Andrew and staff!

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Susan Q: Overcame knee pain.

My experience at Progressive Edge has been simply amazing! After undergoing painful knee reconstruction surgery I thought recovery would definitely be difficult and slow. However, being under Dr Andrew’s care has made all the difference and my progress has truly been above and beyond what I expected. During each and every visit, he consistently gives 100%. He does this by being super dedicated to his patients’ individual needs, while demonstrating respect, and genuine care about their progress and overall well being. He sets the bar high for ALL physical therapists and I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who wants great results from incredible service and care. Thank you so much Dr Andrews, you’re The Best!

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Monica D: Overcame foot and ankle injury.

I am so happy I was referred to Dr Andrew after my car accident. I broke a bone in my foot and sprained my ankle bad and everytime I have an appointment , Dr Andrew makes me feel like a new person. Dr. Andrew is the best and so nice and very down to earth. Evelisa his office manager is amazing and so incredibly nice and sweet and always finds a way to work around my schedule for an appointment. His assistant Juliana is also amazing, sweet and knowledgeable. If you are looking for a GREAT physical therapy office that is going to make you feel like new, this is the place for you.

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Julie G: Overcame back pain.

Dr. Andrew is an amazing physical therapist and person overall. I was so happy to have been referred to him after going to a few different physical therapists. My first visit I was greeted by his office manager Evelisa and instantly felt comfortable being there. Dr. Andrew took the time to talk to me and come up with a treatment plan he thought would help with my chronic neck and back pain that I experience after I was in a car accident. PT has helped me a great deal & I can see the difference between the care and how I feel after leaving Progressive Edge than from when I left the other 2 PT’s before finding them. I genuinely enjoy coming to PT because I know I am being taken care of every time I walk in here, not only by Dr. Andrew but by Evelisa and Juliana as well.

I highly recommend Progressive Edge to anyone I talk to and to whomever is looking to find a great physical therapist.

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