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Dr. Andrew Iuzzolino is the Founder of Progressive Edge Physical Therapy, a New Jersey-based physical therapy clinic. Dr. Iuzzolino is a licensed doctor of physical therapy who specializes in outpatient orthopedic and neurological pathologies, treatments, and short-term and long-term goal establishment. He is also a volunteer at The Manor Health and Rehabilitation Center.

Before starting Progressive Edge Physical Therapy, Dr. Iuzzolino worked as a staff physical therapist at The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center and Twin Boro Physical Therapy P.C.

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Do you suffer from acute or chronic pain that just won’t go away? Or, are you a medical professional who is looking for expert strategies and cutting-edge technology that will help your patients heal?

Physical therapy is one of the most important steps in the process of diagnosing, treating, and recovering from injury and pain. However, it can be difficult to identify top-notch physical therapists that will help you meet your goals, mitigate your pain, and live a fuller life. That’s because many medical professionals don’t stick with a patient from beginning to end to monitor which techniques, modalities, and technology work best for them. That’s where New Jersey-based physical therapist, Dr. Andrew Iuzzolino, comes in.

In this episode of The Dynamic Radiologist Podcast, Dr. Steven Brownstein sits down with Dr. Andrew Iuzzolino, the Founder of Progressive Edge Physical Therapy, to discuss the intersection of technology and physical therapy. Listen in as Dr. Iuzzolino talks about founding his own physical therapy office, his tried-and-true techniques for treating all types of physical pain, and why his practice stands apart from other clinics in Union, New Jersey. Stay tuned!

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