Don’t Settle for Average: Find the Perfect Physical Therapist and Maximize Your Insurance Coverage

Living with pain or limited mobility can be a drag. It disrupts your daily routine and makes even simple tasks a challenge. Physical therapy can be a game-changer, helping you regain strength, flexibility, and get back to doing the things you love. But with so many physical therapists out there, how do you find the perfect one for you?

Here at Progressive Edge Physical Therapy, we understand that finding the right therapist is crucial to a successful recovery. We boast a team of experienced, compassionate professionals who specialize in treating a wide range of conditions.

But finding the right fit goes beyond just the therapist themself. Physical therapy can be an investment, and you don’t want to be surprised by unexpected bills. That’s why we make it easy to understand your insurance coverage.

Here’s how Progressive Edge Physical Therapy can help:

  • Search our therapist directory: Find qualified physical therapists in your area who specialize in your specific needs.
  • Free insurance verification: Not sure if your insurance covers physical therapy, or what your coverage details are? No problem! We offer a free insurance verification service. Simply provide us with your insurance information, and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll let you know what your coverage is and answer any questions you may have about copays and deductibles.

Don’t let insurance worries hold you back from feeling better!

In addition to our free insurance verification, we also offer:

  • Convenient scheduling: We know your time is valuable. That’s why we offer flexible appointment times to fit your busy schedule.
  • Personalized treatment plans: Our therapists will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and goals.
  • A supportive environment: We believe in creating a warm and welcoming environment where you feel comfortable asking questions and working towards your recovery.

Ready to take the first step towards feeling better?

Contact Progressive Edge Physical Therapy today! We’re here to help you find the perfect physical therapist near you and get the most out of your insurance coverage.

P.S. Still have questions about physical therapy? Check out our blog for articles on common conditions, treatment techniques, and tips for living a healthy and pain-free life!

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Progressive Edge treats various types of orthopedic and neurological conditions including sports injuries, balance deficits, post-surgery and chronic conditions.


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