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Progressive Edge Physical Therapy In Union NJ

About Progressive Edge Physical Therapy Clinic In Union NJ

Progressive Edge Physical Therapy was established in 2015 by Dr. Andrew Iuzzolino PT, DPT with the strive to provide one-on-one direct care for patients. This Union physical therapy clinic treats various types of orthopedic and neurological conditions including sports injuries, balance deficits, post-surgery and chronic conditions. Progressive Edge is currently accepting new patients in Union NJ and around. This practice does not require referrals and walk ins are welcome.

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Low Back Pain Guide Physical Therapy
Back Pain Relief

Progressive Edge Physical Therapy LLC is a physical therapy company that specializes in the rehabilitation of back pain. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals and return to improved function as quickly as possible.

Shoulder Pain Guide Physical Therapy
Shoulder Pain Relief

Progressive Edge Physical Therapy LLC is a physical therapy clinic that specializes in the treatment of shoulder pain. Our team of highly qualified therapists provide hands-on care and customized treatment plans to get you back to your life as quickly as possible.

Neck Pain Guide Physical Therapy
Neck Pain Relief

Progressive Edge Physical Therapy LLC is a physical therapy company that specializes in neck pain. They offer services such as manual therapy, spinal decompression and dry needling to help patients reduce the pain they feel from their necks.

Ankle Pain Guide Physical Therapy
Ankle Pain Relief

Progressive Edge Physical Therapy LLC is a physical therapy clinic that specializes in treating ankle pain. They provide professional services to help you recover from your injury, and they're here for you every step of the way.

Knee Pain Guide Physical Therapy | Progressive Edge Physical Therapy LLC Located At 40.7039789, -74.2626544
Knee Pain Relief

Progressive Edge Physical Therapy LLC provides physical therapy for people who are suffering from knee pain. Our team includes an experienced staff that brings years of experience to each patient’s individual needs.

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Rochelle P: Achieved relief from chronic back pain.

I came across Progressive Edge Physical Therapy via google in November of 2018, and I am so happy that I did!!!! To be honest, I do not know where to begin. This facility is a family owned business and my provider is Dr. Andrew DPT, PT. The level of care that I am receiving from him is PHENOMENAL… If you are seeking professional, quality care, I highly recommend Dr. Andrew, DPT. It will be worth it. Your body will thank you.

Aline D: Overcame shoulder pain from accident.

Dr. Andrew DPT, PT is an amazing PT , I came to Progressive Edge PT with shoulder pain due to a car accident back in November. He is knowledgeable, personable, & empathetic to all of my aches and pains which was very important to me. The office and equipment is clean and orderly and the office staff is friendly… they are professional, and flexible with scheduling. Since coming here my shoulder has gotten so much better, once I’m fully recovered I’m going to miss this place.

Steve C: Overcame achilles injury & leg pain.

I started going to Dr. Andrew three weeks after my Achilles repair surgery. From the first day he made me feel very welcomed, and informed me of what to expect from my physical therapy sessions with him . I am currently on my fourth week of physical therapy and I feel great! My scar is healing well and I am no longer using crutches to get around. When I leave Dr. Andrew’s office I always feel optimistic about my recovery progress and future! THANKS PROGRESSIVE EDGE !!
Dr. Andrew - Licensed Physical Therapist In Union NJ

Get To Know Dr. Andrew Iuzzolino - Licensed Physical Therapist In Union NJ

Andrew is a New Jersey Licensed Physical Therapist who has been actively treating patients for over 5 years. Andrew has and continues to attend many continuing education courses pertaining to various Orthopedic and Neurological conditions. He began progressive edge with the drive to provide more patient-centered care. In his free time, Andrew enjoys reading and is a car enthusiast.

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